13 November 2012

November 13: Reindeer Games

Today I was itching to play with inks. Winter is coming and I wanted to see what gesso over ink could do for making snowy landscapes.
I pulled out a stack of glossy card stock and put down some inks. Then a layer of gesso. I took a pointed needle and scratched several sgraffito stars. I let it dry then stamped an evergreen tree with a hand-made stamp. I added the cocoa-colored reindeer last, an old stamp from All Night Media that I still love.
This experiment is not finished yet, but it seems like I might be on to something. Thinning the gesso leaves some colors visible.


  1. I love watching experiments take shape. To me this is the heart of AEDM. I'm looking forward to see what comes next... (and it seems from your description of "you" I have found a kindred spirit!)

  2. Thank you for introducing yourself. (Your Writing Camp projrct sounds like an excellent idea to keep vacations about creative recharge rather than indulgence.)

  3. I like your idea of inks and then gesso. In the Wendy Vecchi class we did gesso and then ink, so a different look but still interesting!