11 November 2012

November 11: Air Mail

This is one of the paint wash + collage pieces that I am working on for my sketchbook class. I started with the 7x7 in. watercolor paper painted last week with an acrylic wash. I added the collage element from an envelope with canceled UK stamps. Then I drew the blue and red border design that reminds me of airmail packaging.


  1. That red and blue border is such a clever idea and really pulls the piece together!

  2. Such a strong piece - I love the bold brush marks and how they are linked by the franking marks on the stamps.

  3. Thanks for commenting, Diana. I was wondering which paper to choose for my collage element. That piece of crumpled envelope with stamps stared right back at me. I just knew I had saved them from the trash to be employed somewhere interesting. The balance and visual movement between elements makes this one a sucess.