08 August 2012

With Admiration to My Fellow Artists

I am dedicating this web post to the creative people who motivate me by sharing their art with the world in the physical or online world (or both). 

I want to especially thank a very creative woman with whom I associate the scintillating hue of red-orange:  her hair color, but also the color of her personality which does tend to shine when she is coaxed out of her surface librarian-demeanor.   Ms. PocketSize, you are a great inspiration to me. I love it when you dare to try something new with your art. Keep experimenting, Lady, and you will go far.

So, as I understand it, here are The Versitle Blogger Award Nomination Rules:
1.  Thank the person who nominated me and leave a link to her/his blog. *check*
2.  Include the award image in this post. *check*
3.  Give 7 random facts about myself.
4.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and leave a link to their site.
5.  Let the other bloggers know they've been nominated.

 So, here are 7 random facts about myself:

  1.  I live and work, so that I can travel. Travel is a way to collect experiences. 
  2. When I was little I read every book on myths and legends that I could lay my hands on. A fact the school librarian remembered when seeing me after a lapse of 20 years. 
  3. My parents are both professional artists/designers; they have owned a design studio together since before I was born. 
  4.  I spent my freshman year in college studying abroad in England on scholarship. That year absorbing art and culture in the UK and Europe has shaped my life since. 
  5. I am a total fantasy and science fiction geek. 
  6. My "runningwave" name comes from poem called "Deep Peace" by a writer who wrote poetry under the name Fiona Macleod. 
  7. I love crossroads, tidelines, coasts, and threshholds -- the liminal border spaces where two or more elements meet. 

 Here -- in random order -- are the writers, poets, and visual artists who inspire me as I travel the web of the Internet. My nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award are (envelope please):

  1. Pocket Size Studios, thank you for nominating Pull of the Tides for the Versitle Blogger Award. I hereby nominate yours as well! It is a joy to collaborate with a friend who is working on a parallel path to mine. I am happy to find someone else who shares the goal of finding a voice through mixed media art. Hugs to you, PocketSize. 
  2. Melissa, the creatrix of Smitten By Britain, whose writing, humour, and carefully selected photographs remind me of the country where my heart often is.
  3. Gaian Soul, Joanna Powell Colbert, an artist whose powerful influence and constant subject is Nature Herself.
  4. Lucy, a lady from Northern England who shares her fiber art, gardening, and wisdom with the world at Attic24  (My crochet teacher recommended her blog to me.)
  5. Jill K. Berry, a mixed media artist whose work with maps and explores the world from a traveler's eye view. Her blog, Personal Geographies, inspires me again and again. I want to take a class with Jill someday -- though she lives very far away from me -- and when I grow up, I want to be like her.
  6. Jane Davies, a collage artist from New England, with whom I have taken a class, and who is teaching an online workshop this autumn I have registered for in sketchbook journaling. I am always fascinated to travel with you as you post your colorful Collage Journeys.
  7. The always elegant time traveler in textiles who blogs At the Sign of the Golden Scissors.  I am not a fashion plate, but if I was given to that characteristic, I think I might want to wear the eighteenth-century fashion cut by this consummate dressmaker.
  8. Mael Bridge's blog of all things relating to the Irish Saint and Goddess Brigit: Brigit's Sparkling Flame
  9.  Jane Brocket, an artist who works in fiber, food, and photography. She selects visual patterns in her blog which are a mini-vacation everytime I come to visit her at Jane Brocket.
  10. Michelle Ward, graphic artist, designer, and witty spirit who writes and designs in a distinctive style. 
  11. Michelle Ward is also notable as organizer of an online project that I only found about close to the end of its run: an online artists' crusade which has drawn to a close, but you can still visit it and be empowered to challenge your own artistic voice at Green Pepper Press Street Team.
  12. Writer and follower of the natural cycles of seasons, Waverly Fitzgerald, who has taught me how to celebrate the small details in life as well as the big festivals and holidays.  She is publisher of School of the Seasons, which I read before the Internet was part of my daily life. I have followed her career with interest as she assembled collaborators to publish an online magazine, Living in Season.
  13. My dear friend, who shares her wisdom and real life experiences facing the challenge of dealing with life after the death of her only son, Rob. She has begun to write this year on a blog that will touch your heart and soul called Facing the Worst. She will move you to think differently about your own life and to guard what you hold to be precious.

All of these artists/writers/creators of diverse kinds meet my definition of Verstile Bloggers.

I'm going to break the Rules above and end here, because these are thirteen blogs that I read most regularly. I want to honor all of these creative people for sharing their talents and energy.

I expect as I come to know more artists online, the list of people who inspire me will grow and grow.


  1. Thank you, Maria! Thanks for the fabulous links.

  2. What a thoughtful and provocative list Maria! I am flattered to be in such fine company, and gratified that you like my blog. I am going to check out alll of your list, and already know a couple of them. Thanks for the post.

  3. Maria, congrats on your own award! Thank you for the more detailed introduction to yourself, by way of this post - any friend of Carrie's gets a star in my book. I'm intrigued by your self description, both in the way you revealed facts about yourself, and the choices you have made for the fellow nominees. Love your byline for each link - makes me want to visit each one. Thank you for (two!) nominations! I am touched that you enjoy visiting my places, and have enjoyed your contribution with your thoughtful comments. I don't make it a practice of participating in this type of ceremony on my blog (I'm lazy), but I truly appreciate the kindness of being included here on yours.

  4. Jane, Jill, and Michelle, I am honored by your visit to my little corner of the Internet.

    I wrote above in one of the facts about me is that I like liminal spaces--crossroads and such. The Internet is the most gigantic Crossroad of them all. Some blog spaces are like hubs and others like tiny inns on the Electronic Superhighway where the travelers sit swapping stories.

    I hope you enjoyed your brief respite here. Come back anytime for a favourite imaginary beverage of your choice.


  5. Many thanks, Runningwave! Sweet blessings of Brigit on you, this day and every day.