02 June 2012


Spontaneity lifts the ordinary dull rote of existence into life of another order, it is a sparkling touch of revelation that responds to whatever is true, beautiful, and harmonious, giving energy to the living moment.
--Caitlin Matthews

I'm making good, creative progress this week.

On Memorial Day, I carved out some time to make a collage to congratulate a friend who has recently been given a big promotion in the U.S. Navy to say, "Well Done!" It's a mixed media piece that contains elements hearkening back to the long Navy traditions of exploration and endurance. Thank you, Mike, and those like you who are willing to devote your lives to public service.

I had a wonderful video Skype chat with a dear friend who now lives very far away from me in British Columbia, but with whom I share the remarkable privilege of being able to pick up right where we left off each time we connect. Our conversation about the direction our lives have taken since graduate school. It made me reflect with some pride on the lifestyle I've chosen and the far distance I've come since I left my years in academia behind for a career. I realized that even though I don't have the career that I set out to achieve, I actually have one that is perhaps far better suited to my energies and talents. That lifestyle now includes the luxury I didn't have when I was a student: time. Time to pursue happiness (as it says in the Declaration of Independence). What greater gift can anyone really wish for?

My life now feels as if I'm flowing along like a river, rather than treading through the mud. I am thankful for this precious opportunity.

Another gift that I've been reflecting on is one that comes with feeling happy. When I am comfortable and happy, I live more in the present tense. The pleasure of just being causes ideas that might have been muddled before to come bubbling to the surface. Caitlin Matthews quote above says it best: "Spontaneity . . . [is] giving energy to the living moment.

Nothing like having a party for spreading happiness!

My celebration of the week was to draw all of my co-workers into a Luncheon Tea in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. They were such good sports about it and crafted fantastic tea sandwiches and desserts. A very bready, but scrumptious meal with three kinds of tea and good conversation. Thank you so much, Ladies!

My Cheesy Scones came out very well. 

My Victoria Sponge was very tasty, but I'm going to have to work
on this recipe. A sponge cake should definitely be  spongier.


  1. Your post really made me smile. I'm so happy that you have found such a great place in life, and that you are exploring so many places and media. Graduate school feels like worlds away!

  2. Always nice to find your groove. Glad you've found yours!