16 August 2007

Knitting Project Check-in

I have been keeping a hand-written knitting journal. I spent some time on Sunday afternoon taking stock of all the knitting projects on which I'm currently working or that I plan to begin between now and the winter holidays. My project list is quite daunting at first look, but I decided to divide it into three handy categories:
  • Small Projects for Me

  • Big Projects for Me

  • Projects for Others
There's also a 2007 Holiday Gift Ideas sub-category under "Projects for Others."

Just sitting down to list my current projects and ideas for future projects felt very reassuring. I'm actually not in as over my head as I thought I was. Now I feel ready to divide and conquer! The "Small Projects" include smaller projects that I can easily take on-the-go and those easy patterns don't need to think to hard in order to complete. The "Big Projects" list included a short-sleeve cardigan that is in-progress and a really cool vest pattern kit from Hand Maiden that I saw on vacation, but restrained myself from impulse buying. I will order that vest pattern kit for the holidays.

I managed to complete one of the "Small Projects" on Wednesday night. I'm calling it my "Carnivale Scarf" because the colorway reminded a friend of mine of Mardi Gras. Actually, to me it's also the colors of Carinvale in Venice. This was my first time knitting with viscose, which I finally learned is a synthetic version of silk. The yarn was the Saturn colorway by Mango Moon in 100% Nepalese viscose. I'm very pleased with the way the variegation in the hand-dyed yarn created a diamond pattern. Everyone who has seen it so far has thought it very successful. I'm grateful to my friend A for taking this photo of me this morning.

In the "Projects for Others" category I have several baby gifts to make. I'm making a pair of festive lime green booties with swirly ties for a friend who had a baby in July. The first pair is coming along nicely and I hope to have them complete in time for her third month. They are supposed to be stretchy and warm, but not really for infants who are ready to crawl too far and certainly not for walking. Cute, nonetheless.

I think keeping track of my projects is really going to keep me from having too many going at once. I also is a record to keep me from forgetting wonderful patterns that I want to try out.


  1. I figured this would be a great place to thank you for my beautiful scarf. I loved the unique idea of leaving a hole in it for the other side to go through. It's very soft and I love the Guam colors. It's strange how I now gravitate towards orange, and bright green. Great post I hope you stay motivated to complete your projects. I know how hard that can be with a busy schedule.

  2. I'm so glad you like the keyhole scarf. It was something that I saw, but I didn't have a pattern and just made a large, standard buttonhole. The colors definitely remind me of you. If you think of it, please email me a photo of you wearing it sometime.

    So far my knitting projects are coming along. Almost done with baby booties for one friend's 3-month-old. I am now collecting the materials for making a little girl's backpack and leg-warmer set for my best friend's six-year-old. Still working on other projects as well. I bought ten hanks of recycled silk in vibrant colors on Ebay and some of my holiday gift projects may come from that purchase.